Cecily Li seh - sih - lee
is a graphic designer based in NYC.
Type, Editorial, Identity,
Book Art, Art Direction
Parsons, Communication Design 22’
Type@Cooper, Typeface Design 25’
Type Design  Ambedo draws from Old Style fonts, prioritizing refined tips and tails while maintaining a neutral body and a moderate stroke contrast. More than just a font, it promotes sustainability and ecological consciousness, bridging design with nature.
Arial Scroll 
Type Design  A type intervention of Arial draws from spirals, scroll-like forms, and calligraphic swash caps. It combines whimsical style with the classic Arial font, creating a fun juxtaposition. Arial Scroll is also a practice that reflects modern ideas of individuality and uniqueness.
Cloud Songs on the Horizon, Ranjani Shettar 
Lettering  A lettering title for Ranjani Shettar's exhibition, featuring suspended sculptures at the Barbican Conservatory in London. The composition and letterform echo the “tropical jungle” theme and reflect the intricate beauty of nature, capturing the serene elegance found in the artist’s works.
The Year of the Dragon in Super Veloz
Experimental Typography  Using the renowned Super Veloz modular system by Joan Trochut, this project creates imaginative visuals. By assembling predefined modules, it pays homage to the original while producing vibrant dragon-themed pictorial compositions to celebrate the year 2024.

Literature for Cute Girls
Identity Design  LfCG is an experimental publishing project featuring Southeast Asian femme artists' art books.
The typographic logo takes cues from vintage book title designs but deviates from tradition, while the graphic identity integrates a spider emblem symbolizing feminist themes in memory and culture.
Lumin Studio
Identity Design  Lumin is a photo studio in East Williamsburg, blends art and design. Collaborative works there showcase unique independence and avant-garde flair.
"Exposure" was central in crafting their branding, resulting in visuals highlighting various exposure levels.


Photo Zine  A photo zine features portraits at itto+lim, a Chinatown salon in Singapore. The salon attracts a crowd interested in fashion, beauty, and music, fostering a growing community.
Their eclectic styles draw inspiration from various decades and online influences, reflected in the title.

Book Design. Duality, showcasing Donghan Li MA Pre-collection Syn, explores the dual identities of oneself: Remaining Still or Running Away.
This artist's book has been designed in the form of Dos-à-dos binding, intertwining two distinct books into one cohesive volume.

Practice: Fold,Unfold
Book Design  An undergraduate thesis project practices the ordinariness of paper as an object, producing complexity in content, material, and format.
The practice explores how disparate elements relate to the book and the possibilities that pages, spreads, and sequences reveal in the context of book design.
An Anthology of Oulipo
Book Design, Editorial Design  A book for lovers of word games and literary puzzles.
This anthology includes ten writings from Oulipo members such as Raymond Queneau, Georges Perec, and Jacques Roubaud, excerpted from The Penguin Book of Oulipo, edited by Philip Terry.
Re-edition: Elastic, Flexible, Expandable 
Artist’s Book

A Retro, A Future, Purple
Exhibition Design, Editorial Design  A retrospective brochure for Purple Magazine documents three writings of Olivier Zahm, the editor-in-chief since the 90s.
The book is divided into past, present, and future sections, narrating the magazine's journey and highlighting the evolution of its brand colors.
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